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Saturday, 17 February 2018  

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NEW EaZy- Primer, from Parkell, Inc

Introducing NEW EaZy- Primer, from Parkell, Inc. - for use when cementing restorative ceramic materials including Zirconia!
This priming agent is specifically formulated with an
MDP monomer added to 4-META, allowing an enhanced bond to the silica-free, polycrystalline structure of Zirconia. Further, EaZy-Primer works terrific with Lithium disilicate and porcelain in conjunction with adhesive resin cements.
With EaZy- Primer, you eliminate the need for the use of hydrofluoric acid, and any of the risks that come with the acid such as discomfort if it comes in contact with soft tissue. EaZy- Primer is simple to use too. After following the instructions for roughening the ceramic surface, all you need is one stroke. To maximize the effectiveness of EaZy Primer, leave it on the surface until it evaporates on its own.  When it dries you’ll notice it glistens, so unlike some other ceramic primers, you can see where you applied it.
EaZy-Primer is the perfect adjunct to any resin cement resulting in strong bonds, beautiful esthetics and ceramic restorations that last!
For more information or to order, contact Parkell, Inc. 800-243-7446 or visit

Marty Jablow DMD - Dental News and Technology

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