- Google Working on Wearable Clothing

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Sunday, 17 December 2017  

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Google Working on Wearable Clothing

At the latest Google I/O conference, the company discussed several upcoming ideas & initiatives.

One which I found intriguing is that the company is working with Levi Strauss & Co on wearable tech.  Here's what it means:

Project Jacquard
Think of this as the game changer in the world of textiles. Whether we’re talking about your sweater, or your jeans, Project Jacquard is the thing that will completely revolutionize the smart world. Specifically, this takes a conductive wiring and feeds it throughout a textile. The end result is an interactive fabric that could be implemented in your jeans, or t-shirt, depending on what the overall goal. The long-term benefits of technology like this reach far beyond the tech community, as the science and medical communities could see significant benefits from this type of technology. Interestingly though, this is something that hasn’t really been pushed or heavily explored to this point – so Google is making a profound step in the right direction.

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