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Friday, 23 February 2018  

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ImagePinoydental is a Webportal dedicated to provide up-to-date information about Oral and dental healthcare to Filipino patients all over the world. Register and be part of the pinoydental ONLINE DIRECTORY OF DENTISTS, Doctors and Health Establishments . You may also soon become part of our BALIKBAYAN AND DENTAL TOURISM PROGRAMS. Pinoydental also offers website design and development for you and your dental practice. This is the best way you can be a part of the developing Dental Tourism in our country today. Register now and open the doors of your clinic to a world of opportunities!

Register your Dental Practice and be a part of the Online Dentist Directory
Have your own Website designed and developed by Pinoydental
  Image Be a member the MyDentSpace Community (also a Directory of Dentists)
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What can you find at the Dentist Portal?


dentista portal

* Dental Professional Resources:

  • 1. Clinical Support Resources
  • 2. Practice Management Support
  • 3. Dental Research
  • 4. Laboratory Support
  • 5. Teaching Resources
  • 6. Student Support

* Directory and Information Resources

  • 1. Directory of Dental Journals
  • 2. Directory of Laboratories
  • 3. Dental Traders and
  • 4. Dental Schools

* Other Information Resources:

  • 1. Up-to-date dentistry newscasts, podcasts and vodcasts
  • 2. Ads and Promos
  • 3. Dental Products Information Resources
  • 4. Calendar of Events for:
  • 1. PDA and affiliate activities and events
  • 2. Conventions
  • 3. Trade Exhibits
  • 4. Continuing Education training program schedules


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