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Wednesday, 27 August 2014  

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Tech Corner
What to Know About How Governments Hack your Phone PDF Print E-mail
Phone Hacking Server Locations.jpg
For a little over a year now, we've been hearing stories of how our computers, mobile phones, and basically our digital lives are being "stalked" by the NSA and other governments.
Sometimes this can seem a little too cloak & daggery or even a bit too James Bond to be real.  Well, let me tell you something… it's real.
While I'm in no way good enough at this kind of thing to prevent it from happening, I do have a nose for looking around and finding info.  I guess that's the journalist in me.
Anyway, the smart people at Kaspersky have done a ton of research on this stuff and have put up a blog post about it.  While it's a bit technical, if you take the time to read it and really digest it, chances are it'll make your hair stand on end.  At least the hair on the back of your neck.
Nonmedical use of pain medications in dental patients. PDF Print E-mail
Am J Drug Alcohol Abuse. 2014 Jul;40(4):312-316


Abstract Background: Substance use is overrepresented in dental clinics that provide affordable care and dental clinics provide potential access to opioid analgesics. Research is needed to better understand prescription opioid misuse in this population. Objective: The purpose of this study was to assess the prevalence and correlates of the misuse of prescription opioids in adults seeking dental care from a low-cost dental training clinic. Methods: Patients were recruited from a university school's dentistry patient emergency and admission services clinic. Patients (n = 369) within the waiting area of the clinic completed a self-report questionnaire about their nonmedical use of prescription pain medications, medication diversion and use of substances. Results: Approximately 37.9% (140/369) of those who completed the study survey reported at least some nonmedical use of pain medications within the past 30 days. Use was associated with diversion of medication, and use of tobacco, marijuana, and sedatives. Conclusions: Within this sample from a dental clinic, nonmedical use of prescription pain medications was more common than in the general population. This suggests that dental clinics may be an appropriate setting for provider education and patient-based intervention strategies to reduce nonmedical use of pain medications.

Marty Jablow DMD - Dental News and Technology

A Great Read on Embezzlement in the Dental Office PDF Print E-mail
I get a kick out of the express no "the elephant in the room".  It basically means when something bad is looming and everyone chooses to ignore it for some reason.
My good friend and colleague at Dental Products Report Kevin Henry sent an e-blast out this week that contained an article by Janice Janssen, RDH, CFE that speaks about dental office embezzlement.  
The problem is much more common than you think.  A Google search for the term "dental office embezzlement" returned 33,500 hits in .49 seconds.  Think about that.  There are 33,500 references to the topic on the Internet.  If there are that many references, how common do you suppose it is?  You're right.
So, with that in mind, head on over to  Dental Products Report's Practice Management site and give the article a read.
Apple Brings Vibrant Colors and iSight Camera to Most Affordable iPod touch Model PDF Print E-mail
Apple has announced that the 16GB iPod touch is now available in vibrant colors and equipped with a 5-megapixel iSight camera for just $199. The entire iPod touch lineup features the 5-megapixel iSight camera with 1080p HD video recording, 4-inch Retina display, Apple’s A5 chip, and FaceTime camera. iPod touch features an ultra-thin and light anodized aluminum design and is available in pink, yellow, blue, silver, space gray, and (PRODUCT)RED. iPod touch comes in a 16GB model for $199, 32GB for $249, and 64GB for $299, and is available in the US with worldwide availability in the coming days.
Technical Crown & Bridge - and Why Loyalty Matters PDF Print E-mail
About 25 years ago I was approached by a gentleman who had just started a new dental laboratory in the Lee's Summit area.
At that time, I was a fairly young practitioner and just starting to learn the ways of running my own private practice. I found that the owner of this new lab, Joe Forte, and I had a lot in common.
We were both about the same age, both were trying to start her own new businesses, and both had a tremendous desire to help patients achieve the very best oral health possible. Joe's laboratory business was in its infancy, and he was being run out of the basement of his home. I'm not sure how many clients he had at that point in time, but I know that I was one of the 1st.
Over the years, we've both seen our businesses grow. However, no matter how much success that Technical Crown and Bridge has achieved they have always managed to remain focused on what is important. And, of course, what is important is doing the very best possible for the patient.
In the time that I had been a client of Joe's I can count the number of times I've used in the lab for a fixed prosthetic case on 2 hands.
A lot of the doctors I know use a variety of labs depending upon the complexity of the case, the aesthetics required, or perhaps the amount of time needed for delivery. Some practitioners will even choose a lab based on the cost of the case.
I consider myself pretty lucky because no matter what the parameters of any case may be I have one phone number to call and one laboratory team to count on. At this point in our careers Joe and I can almost finish each other's sentences. By that I mean he knows what I'm thinking and I know he's thinking. It makes for a great relationship that in the end provides a tremendous service and value for our patients.
Also, since Joe is local it's not unusual for him to be in my office to help shape match and anterior case or to help  with on-site adjustments for complicated prosthetic reconstructions. It's a great service when the laboratory technician is actually in your office adjusting and polishing the complicated case so that you can cut down the number of appointments needed to finish the case as well as ensure that the final result is 2nd to none.
As I said before, this blog is about technology and life. The good folks at Technical Crown & Bridge use technology such as digital impression systems and state-of-the-art ways to create amazing prosthetics. That in turn helps simplify my professional life. Joe and his team are highly recommended. If you're interested in their services call 816–537–0070. I'm confident you'll be as pleased as I am.
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