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Wednesday, 23 April 2014  

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Tech Corner
World Back Up Day PDF Print E-mail
It's on March 31st! It's not only a day for backing up your personal data, but it's also a day to talk about the enormous task of preserving our increasingly digital heritage and cultural works for future generations.
We're aiming to reach those who have never backed up in their life, and might not even know what backup is!
However, we also like to say that World Backup Day is every day! A good backup plan will be continuous and include multiple layers to not only recover your data but also include steps for data preservation.
The original idea for the March 31st date was a humorous reference to April Fool's Day on April 1st.

Learn more on backing up your data

Marty Jablow DMD - Dental News and Technology

Twitter Adds Photo Tagging! PDF Print E-mail
Last Wednesday, Twitter made a fairly major announcement, giving users the ability to "tag" other people in pictures.  Oh that, and the ability to share 4 photos in a single tweet.
Cool huh?
The social media space just keeps on expanding and now with Instagram being a huge hit with the under 25 crowd, Twitter is working on become more like its competitor.  
Here are some of the details...
The tagging function allows you to tag up to 10 people in a photo while still having your 140 characters available to Tweet.  And if your tagged?  You'll get a notification of the photo going out.
The multiple photo function allows your to send 4 photos in one Tweet.  The 4   photos will automatically create a collage (similar to what you can do with Instagram).
Want all the details?  Take a look at this Twitter Blog Post.  
San Francisco Giants Hope iBeacon Hits a Home Run with Fans PDF Print E-mail
Starting this baseball season, the San Francisco Giants are adopting Apple’s iBeacon technology to send offers and alerts directly to fans’ iOS 7 devices while they’re at AT&T Park, reports Engadget. This is the first year Major League Baseball has begun using the technology, and it will appear in 20 of the 30 MLB ballparks. The Giants believe that iBeacon technology can help fans have a better time at the ballpark. “Mobile and digital experiences are paramount to our fan experience,” says the team’s Chief Information Officer Bill Schlough. “It opens up a world of possibilities.”
Prevention of dental erosion of a sports drink by nano-sized hydroxyapatite in situ study PDF Print E-mail



To evaluate the inhibitory effects of the sports drink containing nano-sized hydroxyapatite (nano-HA) on dental erosion in situ.


The study had a single-blind, two-treatment crossover design. The two treatment groups were a control group (CG; Powerade only) and an experimental group (EG; 0.25% wt/vol nano-HA was added to Powerade). Ten subjects wore removable palatal appliances containing bovine enamel specimens. The appliances were immersed in each drink for 10 mins, 4 times a day for 10 days. The tooth surface microhardness (SMH) was tested, and the erosion depth and the morphology of the tooth surface were observed. The data were analysed by repeated measures anova and t-test.


Between the baseline and the 10th day, SMH was decreased by 80% in the specimens of the CG (P < 0.001), whereas there was only a 6% decrease in the SMH of the specimens in the EG. An erosion depth of 12.70 ± 4.66 μm and an irregular tooth surface were observed on the 10th day in the specimens of the CG. No dental erosions, however, was observed in the specimens of the EG.


The sports drink containing 0.25% nano-HA was effective in preventing dental erosion in situ.

Marty Jablow DMD - Dental News and Technology

REACH® Introduces Disposable Prophy Angles PDF Print E-mail

New Product Offers Superior Performance, Ease-of-Use and Patient Comfort

(Buena Park, CA – March xx, 2014) REACH® is unveiling its newest professional innovation, Disposable Prophy Angles.  Engineered with a low-profile design, REACH Disposable Prophy Angles allow for superior access to areas of the mouth that are harder to reach.  Made in the USA, these prophy angles are latex-free, individually wrapped, and come pre-lubricated for a smooth, quiet performance.
REACH Disposable Prophy Angles fit all low-speed handpieces, and clinicians can choose from a variety of soft, splatter-reducing cup styles.  As with all REACH products, this new offering continues to carry forward the brand’s reputation for “performance with a purpose.”

Reach Disposable Prophy Angles are manufactured and distributed by Buena Park-based Dr. Fresh LLC.

# # #

About Dr. Fresh LLC.

Dr. Fresh LLC (www.drfresh.com) is an oral care company dedicated to helping families live better, healthier lives.  As one of the fastest growing oral care companies in the U.S., Dr. Fresh provides great brands that provide innovative solutions and remarkable value. Established in 1998, Dr. Fresh offers quality personal care products including its top-selling Firefly® flashing toothbrush for kids, Reach®professional and consumer products for high performance brushing, Binaca®breath freshening products, and Dr. Fresh®branded products with their focus on value and affordability.  With a broad international business, Dr. Fresh operates three offices globally (US, UK, and China), and has distribution in over 35 countries. 

Marty Jablow DMD - Dental News and Technology

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