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Friday, 23 February 2018  

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School Ranking in the board exams? (1 viewing)

TOPIC: School Ranking in the board exams?

unjing (User)
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School Ranking in the board exams? 2010/12/10 00:57 Karma: 0  
The system of the PRC and Board of Dentistry in dividing the schools in 3 categories gives an opportunity for other schools to get the number 1 spot in their own specific category. The existing system is as follows:

Category 1: schools with 100 or more examinees

Example: even though CEU only got 49% passing rate they were still able to get the number 1 spot during the Dec 2008 exam

Category 2: schools with 26-99 examinees

Example: Dec 2008, UE got the number 1 spot by achieving 91 % passing

Category 3: schools with 5-25 examinees

Example: UP, UB and Cebu Docs all were number 1 since they all got 100% passing in Dec 2008

In the old system, the schools are ranked based on their passing rate regardless of the number of examinees. Those school/s that have been consistently achieving a 100% passing rate for the past several decades has/have been consistently in the number one spot.

So what do you think was the PRC's intention of dividing the schools into several categories?

Now i heard that they are planning to again revise the system and remove all the categories but only limit the ranking to schools with more than 50 (fifty examinees).

So what happens now to those schools who have been consistently achieving a 100% passing rate but are only able to produce less than fifty examinees per licensure exam?

Does this mean that only BIG schools owned by tycoons are going to be ranked and published in newspapers to show-off their number one or two spot eventhough they only were able to achieve a "not so impressive" passing rate? This system may be a little misleading to people who do not understand this, don't you think? ]

What about the small schools who are really doing well? It seems like in this new system, these small schools are being discriminated. What do you think?
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School Ranking in the board exams?
unjing 2010/12/10 00:57
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