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Thursday, 18 January 2018  

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2D Lingual Orthodontics System Seminar (1 viewing)

TOPIC: 2D Lingual Orthodontics System Seminar

pinoydental (Admin)
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2D Lingual Orthodontics System Seminar 2009/08/22 15:08 Karma: 6  
2D Lingual Orthodontics System Seminar

Forestadent invites you to
2D Lingual Orthodontics System
Lingual Orthodontic for everybody
(Direct Bonding Application Course)

Speaker: Dr. Vittorio Cacciafesta

September 28-29, 2009
Taal Vista Hotel, Tagaytay City

2D System Philosophy

The bidimensional lingual technique employs 2D lingual brackets, superelastic lingual archwires, and direct bracket bonding, without any need of setup. The
brackets are self ligating and do not have a traditional rectangular slot in the base; on the other hand, they have two clips on the lingual surface to trap the
Because they do not have slots, only 1st and 2nd order movements are possible. The ease of direct application of 2D lingual brackets makes it possible to
achieve a good functional occlusion also in the presence of severe malocclusions, adopting the biomechanical options offered by lingual appliances, as
well as bypassing many factors that complicate conventional lingual treatment. Such technique has proved to be very successful in cases of post-treatment
retention, closure of minor spaces, limited correction of deep bites, correction of mild crowdings, particularly in the mandibular arch, and correction of
anterior cross bites. The use of 2D lingual brackets represents a valuable alternative to conventional 3D lingual brackets in the treatment of different

Course description
Delegates who attend this lingual orthodontics course will be given the tools, techniques and confi dence to immediately introduce lingual orthodontic
treatment in their own practices. You will learn about the fundamental differences between lingual and labial orthodontics and understand the importance
of biomechanics in the various treatment phases.
You will learn about the principles and limitations of lingual orthodontics and different lingual orthodontic bracket systems. You will learn how to screen
your patients to select those cases suitable for lingual orthodontic treatment. You will understand how to decide whether 2D or 3D lingual appliances are
the correct choice for your treatment plan for each patient. Other practical advice and techniques which will be covered include: direct and indirect bonding,
lingual archwire mechanics and the fabrication of Titanol lingual archwires.
The course will include typodont exercises with the Forestadent ‘2D’ lingual brackets. There will also be opportunities to bring along your own cases for

Contain of the lecture
Day 1
Lingual brackets
Principles and limitations of various lingual brackets available on the market
- Lingual bracket dimensions, Lingual bracket mechanics
- 2D lingual bracket mechanics and 3D lingual bracket mechanics
The 2D lingual bracket
- 2D brackets with vertico-axial insertion
- Main characteristics of 2D lingual brackets, opening and closing of 2D lingual brackets
- Case selection, treatment indications, direct bonding: clinical parameters
Clinical Bonding
- Lingual surface initial prophylaxis, orthodontic composites and their adhesion
- Problems related to direct bonding, moisture and blood contamination
- How to avoid mistakes in clinical bonding, how to rebond a failed bracket
- Debonding procedures, speech problems
- Lingual archwire insertion, application of power chains and elastics
Practical part: Direct bonding of 2D lingual brackets on typodont.
Day 2
Treatment mechanics
Simple arch mechanics
- Levelling, aligning, control of rotations
Double arch mechanics
- Tooth intrusion, Impacted canines, Space closure
Impacted canines
- The use of Fiber Reinforced Composites (FRCs) for anchorage
- The use of miniscrews
Indications to treatment
Case Reports with 2D lingual brackets:
Mandibular and maxillary arch crowdings, Anterior cross bites, Closure of spaces and anterior diastemas, Deep bite cases, Intrusion of maxillary and
mandibular front teeth, Impacted canines, Extraction of a mandibular incisor, Non extraction cases, Extraction cases.
Auxiliaries in the Insubria-System™ lingual technique
MAC and Torque control of a single tooth
Titanol® lingual archwire mechanics
Metallurgy in orthodontics
- Stainless steel wires, TM wires, Ni-Ti wires
- Shape memory alloys: Martensitic – Austenitic phase, Temperature transitional range, Thermo-mechanical treatment of shape memory alloys.
Titanol® lingual archwire shapes
- How to choose the Titanolâ lingual archwire shape
- Fabrication of individualized lingual archwires
- Use of Memory Maker
Practical part on typodont: Fabrication of individualized Titanolâ lingual archwires. Treatment of a case on typodont

September 28 6:00am Meeting at Mall of Asia, Bus will leave at 6:30am sharp
8:00am - 9:00am Registration
9:00am - 5:00pm Comprehensive Lecture
6:00pm - 7:30pm Dinner
8:00pm - 10:00pm Fellowship night
September 29 8:00am - 9:00am Registration
9:00am -4:00pm Lecture and Hands-on
4:00pm - 5:00pm Awarding of Certificates

SEMINAR FEE: PHP 18,000.00 (inlcudes buffet meals, room accommodation based on TWIN-SHARING** kit, product samples, typodont lower only, lingual brackets, lingual wires, hands-on materials, CD of lingual brackets, lingual wires template, literature book, certificate, ticket to the Fellowship Night, raffle stub to a chance to win LINGUAL STARTER KIT worth Php65,000)
** additional Php 1,500.00 if wants to upgrade to single occupancy room.

Reservation fee (nonrefundable) to reserve slot Php 3,000.00
post dated check August 10, 2009 Php 5,000.00
post dated check August 30, 2009 Php 5,000.00
post dated check September 15, 2009 Php 5,000.00

After August 30, 2009 registration Php 20,000.00
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2D Lingual Orthodontics System Seminar
pinoydental 2009/08/22 15:08
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