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Friday, 23 February 2018  

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Re:email inquiry on amalgam (1 viewing)

TOPIC: Re:email inquiry on amalgam

cutedoc (User)
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Re:email inquiry on amalgam 2008/10/10 10:06 Karma: 6  
what you dont know wont hurt...

my reaction will be based on my observed case as a practicing dentist, 80 years ago ( i know its more than 80 years, i am basing these facts with the patients i handles) amalgam has already been existent as a dental filling material, does these patient exhibit sign and symptoms of mercury toxicity and poisoning? none that i could see and none that they relay based on medical and dental history.

do i conclude that mercury doesnt contribute to the factors that may lead to illnesses? no, but think about this, is it just the mercury per se that is doing us harm or is it some other factors along with mercury that leads us to illnesses that are are facing...

in a dental point of view, combine mercury with metals bind them together to create a ball of packable material to fill a cavity, if the process of condensation mercury are released, which when it goes through our system, that becomes toxic, in a large amount... so the skill of the dentist also contributes to the toxicity of mercury...

we put cavity liner to protect the dentinal tubules, as there are seen as the portal of entry for mercury... so if done correctly a hermetic seal must always be achieved to seal in the open tubules...

on the occlusal and interproximal surfaces that an exposed amalgam filling material can be seen, fumes of it and minute release of mercury is possible even in a long time... now could this do any harm?

studies shows that they do... are these clinical studies that are well supported with properly documents or is this just a study made my an independent company promoting their products...?

the toxicity indicates a certain amount of mercury in our body that will prove to be toxic, amalgam filling material properly dispense releases a minimal amount of mecurial much? another study must be conducted to test that...

if you take a look at older generation with amalgam filling material in their teeth are they affected with these rising problems, they are living at the age of a 100up, would that posed as enough evidence to forego with it is not only the mercury per se that deteriorates our health...

environmental factor will be a bigger threat to our health, combined with mercury and some other inorganic non edible substances that harm us are the real enemy...
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