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Thursday, 18 January 2018  

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How to maintain your handpieces (1 viewing)

TOPIC: How to maintain your handpieces

hunterako (User)
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How to maintain your handpieces 2008/08/13 12:08 Karma: 0  


STEP 1 - Prepare and clean handpiece.
Be certain to remove any visible debris with a soft bristle brush and warm running water. If you choose to use soap or detergent, rinse and dry thoroughly. NOTE: Some handpieces (such as Star 430SWL Vortex models) cannot be exposed to any soaps or disinfectants. DO NOT soak or place the handpiece in an ultrasonic cleaner, unless the manufacturer specifically recommends doing so.

STEP 2 - Lubricate the handpiece with the recommended manufacturer’s lubricant and nozzle (if applicable). We suggest applying a 2–3 second burst of lube or 3–4 drops if using a drop-type lubricant, such as LubriCleanse. NOTE: Some handpieces (such as STAR 430SWL Vortex models) do not require lubrication.

STEP 3 - Insert and secure a bur in the chuck. Re-attach handpiece to tubing or use a handpiece flush system.

STEP 4 - Run handpiece at 50% speed for approximately 30 seconds—this will expel the excess lubricant and carry away any loose dirt and debris. NOTE: If after this step you still see discoloured lubricant being discharged from the handpiece head, repeat steps 2–4. By maintaining a clean turbine, you will ensure maximum bearing longevity.

STEP 5 - Sterilize handpiece. Remove bur from chuck. Clean fiber optics with a cotton swab moistened with isopropyl alcohol. Bag and autoclave handpiece as per manufacturer’s instructions. NOTE: For better drying, place bag in the sterilizer tray with the paper side of the bag facing up.

STEP 6 - Re-lubricate handpiece. Once the sterilization cycle is complete and the handpiece has cooled down, add post-sterilization lubricantis if required (N/A with Kavo Spray, LubriCleanse or STAR Vortex handpieces). Re-lubricate 1–2 seconds with spray type lube or apply 1–2 drops of drop-type lubricant. NOTE: To avoid cross-contamination, be sure to use a separate can or bottle of lube.

STEP 7 - Flush the air and water lines of dental unit for 20 seconds, prior to connecting the handpiece to the tubing.

STEP 8 - Re-insert bur, re-attach handpiece to tubing or handpiece flush system. Run handpiece at 50% speed for 15–20 seconds.

STEP 9 - If any lubricant remains on the handpiece, gently wipe the body with a clean gauze pad.

STEP 10 - Your clean and sterilized handpiece is now ready for use or storage.


* NEVER extend your burs. ALWAYS fully insert a bur into the chuck and secure properly. If you attempt to extend it from the chuck, the bur may dislodge while in use, causing injury to you and your patient. It will also contribute to premature bearing and chuck failure and may void your warranty.

* NEVER use any type of tool to remove a stuck bur from a chuck. Doing so can cause irreversible push button chuck damage. Call The Handpiece Clinic immediately.

* NEVER use a hot or warm handpiece directly from the sterilizer. Doing so will greatly reduce turbine longevity. Never place hot handpieces under cold water. Allow for an adequate cool down period. For rotational purposes, we recommend a minimum of four handpieces is recommended per operatory.

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