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Tuesday, 20 February 2018  

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Pinoydental reserves the right to remove or not to publish your ad if found offensive, malicious or inappropriate for the pinoydental site.


Pinoydental Classified Ads is a FREE online classified ads feature and a privilege given to members of the MyDentSpace community and forum.

  • In no event will be liable to any seller and any other advertiser (including the Pinoydental supporters and/or Authorized sellers) for any special, incidental, or consequential damages, whether based on breach of contract, tort (including negligence), or otherwise and whether or not has been advised of the possibility of such damage.
  • All (except the author of the ad) are not permitted to reply to any post in the Classified section. The REPLY feature has been deactivated. Instead, please PM, email or text/call the info provided by the seller. This is a Classified Section not for discussion. Also, this is to prevent abusive sellers from bumping their thread/s and also this is to give chance to other sellers to promote their items.

  • Business individuals who make profits, please email the administrator. We may have a very interesting plan for you.


This is a moderated site. All new and edited ads and photos may require review by the administrator prior to being made visible. We attempt to process all submitted ads within 24 hours of submission. However, we ask that you allow at least forty-eight (48) hours before you send inquiries.

Pinoydental is maintained as a wholesome community and family environment (child-safe).


1. Pornographic ads or links to pornographic sites: pornography is defined by Pinoydental to be sexually explicit pictures, writing, or other material whose primary purpose is to cause sexual arousal.

2. Nudity (including links to photography and art sites): women must be wearing a top and bottom (not see through). Men must be wearing clothing on the bottom.

3. Escort services or site links, even if your intent is to just have escorts for social occasions.

4. Adult toy ads or site links: adult toys are any toys that are designed to be used in a sexual act.

5. Sale of adult materials, such as magazines, books, or just about any other item of adult nature.

6. Photos, ads, or links to sites that contain or depict immoral, lewd and lascivious behavior of any kind. This includes homosexual related photos, ads and site links.

7. Ad text that contains immoral, lewd and lascivious or foul language at any time. Nor do we allow links or references to sites that do.

8. Posting of any ads wih contents that may be damaging to any PERSON, GROUP OR INSTITUTION. Pinoydental supports the Philippine Dental Community, do not post any messages offensive to any person, patient, dentist, student, teacher, clinic, dental organization, school or any institution.

NOTE TO VIOLATORS: Pinoydental reserves the right to ban any user and file appropriate charges if necessary.


You may upload up to two images per ad. All images must smaller than 100K or you will not be able to upload them. We recommend that you submit all photos or images in the .jpeg or .jpg or .png format so that the program can make thumbnail images for your listings.


Submitted ad text must not be more than 1000 characters to be accepted by the site (also see # 7 above).


You may use our search module found at the bottom right side of the page under the "latest ads" module. Categories may be seen in the drop-down list provided. For a more powerful and specific search, you may use our advanced search module with the link found at the most bottom part of the same section (bottom right of the page) just click on it and a search form will appear.


Your email address and phone number are never revealed unless you place them in your ad description. Pinoydental uses "privacy email" that allows a user to email you from the Pinoydental site with never posting or revealing your email address to any user or spambots. When you receive email inquiries, you can decide if you want to respond to that individual or not.


Pinoydental currently allows ads to be posted for 30 days. You may return to edit or delete your ads at any time during that period, using the ad ID# and the password that you supplied when you created the ad. Edited ads must go through the administrator approval process again prior to becoming visible. 5 days prior to the ad's expiration date, pinoydental will send you a notification email regarding the expiry. We will allow you to edit and extend the expiration date of your ads.


Links or URLs to competitive sites such as other classified ad sites, auction sites, job sites, etcetera, are not permitted.




Do i have to be a member to be able to post an ad?
Smile If you are already a member of MyDentSpace, you may already post an ad and do not have to re-register. If you do not have an account at pinoydental, you will be asked to enter a username, password, email and some other required information using the same form where you will post your ad. After submitting your ad and info, we will automatically create an account for you at pinoydental MyDentSpace!

How will i post an ad?
Laughing If you are not currently logged-in, you may post an ad by clicking the link at the bottom section of the right module (right side of the page). Look for the module entitled "Latest Ads" and scroll down at the bottom until you see the "Search" button of the classified ads section. Under that button you will find a link "Post your ads". Just click the link and choose the appropriate category for your ad! ..or simply go to the "classified Ads" Section using the link in the menu at the upper left side of the page.

If you are currently logged-in, you may post your ads through your MyDentSpace profile page. Just look for the "Ads" tab and you will find the "new ad" link there. You may also go to the classified ads link in your User Menu on the upper right section and look for the "new ad" link there.

Can i post pictures of my item/s?

SealedYes you may. You can upload 1 or 2 images or pictures in JPEG/PNG/GIf format with a maximum of 200 Kilobytes. The Ad system will automatically create thumbnail(s) of the image(s) or picture(s) you upload.

What if my item has been sold already, do i have to delete my ad?

Kiss No you do not have to. The ad will automatically be deleted by the system 30 days after the posting of the ad. You will be informed, thru the email you provided, 5 days before the expiration day of your ad. You may extend the expiry date and modify your ad before it expires.

What if my ad does not fit in any of the available categories?

CoolPlease send your ad thru email ( This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ) or thru the "contact Pinoydental" form found in the menu and we will post your ad on a new category if necessary.

If i am a dental products trader, can i post promos and advertisements?

Money mouthYes you may do so. All the ads (in all the categories) that will be posted will be screened by the staff. Pinoydental reserves the right to remove or not to publish your ad if found offensive, malicious or not appropriate for the pinoydental site. This privelege given to product traders is only temporary.

How do i search for specific ads?

Undecided We have a search module located under the "Latest Ads" Module at the bottom rightside of the website.

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