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Sunday, 17 December 2017  

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All Care Dental Plan

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A discount plan is much like a Sam's club card or a AAA card. Members pay an annual or monthly fee and in return they receive discounted services. The ALL Care card is truly one of the best kept secrets for dental care coverage.

It is very affordable; only pennies a day covers an entire family & can save thousands if you need major dental work like root canals, crowns, braces, dentures or cosmetic dental work. Even if your teeth are in perfect health and you only get routine cleanings, the savings on basic dental care can more than cover the cost of the card.

Unlike other membership plans where you buy it "just in case", the ALL Care card will actually save you money!


Members save 10-60% on most routine dental services. Here is an example of just how quickly the savings can add up:

Root Canal and Crown* = $2,520
With ACA average cost is only = $1,300

Savings = $1,220!

The amount of money you save on your very first treatment can more than pay for the cost of the card.

ALL Care Card members save on most preventative and restorative dental treatments, such as cleanings, x-ray's, fillings, root canals, crowns, bridges, dentures and much more.

Unlike medical insurance, dental insurance patients pay large out of pocket costs. An average indemnity dental insurance plan costs $75-$175 per month and has a maximum annual coverage amount of $1,000-$1,500. There is usually a $75 deductible and then the policy will only pay for 50% of major procedures.

For example if you need a crown that costs $900, your out of pocket cost with insurance can be as much as 50% or $450, plus the deductible. Add in the monthly premiums for the year and you end up paying over $1,500 for a $900 crown!

The ALL Care card is an excellent alternative to dental insurance. It can also be used if you have dental insurance by providing you with discounted fees for procedures that your insurance does not cover.

Sign up with ALL Care Dental Plan and receive Alura White teethwhitening FREE!

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All Care Dental PlanAll Care Dental Plan

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